Example Template > Grasping Hand

Grasping Hand


Bind to Events
Clear Fingers
Climbing Ended
Climbing Started
Curl Timeline Finished Func
Curl Timeline Update Func
Evaluate Grasping
Finalize Attach
Finalize Detach
Finger Movement
Get or Spawn Attachment Proxy
Handle Curls
Init Grip
Initialize and Attach
Initialize and Attach Climbing
Lerp Back Finished Func
Lerp Back Update Func
On Character Corrected
On Dropped Object Event 0
On Grip Transform Changed
On Gripped Object Event 0
On Lerp to Hand Finished
On Owner Teleported
Remove and Lerp Back
Reset Attachment Proxy
Retrieve Poses
Secondary Added on Other
Secondary Removed on Other
Set Dynamic Finger Curls
Set Finger Capsules
Set Finger Overlapping
Set Mesh
Set Overlaps
Set Physical Relative Trans
Setup Finger Animations
Setup Physics If Needed
Timeline Grip Smooth Finished Func
Timeline Grip Smooth Update Func
Update to New Grip Transform