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VRSlider Component


Advanced Grip Settings
Allows Multiple Grips
Calculate Slider Progress
Closest Grip Slot in Range
Event On Child Grip
Event On Child Grip Release
Event On End Secondary Used
Event On End Used
Event On Grip
Event On Grip Release
Event On Input
Event On Secondary Grip
Event On Secondary Grip Release
Event On Secondary Used
Event On Used
Event Set Held
Event Slider Finished Lerping
Event Slider State Changed
Event Tick Grip
Get Grip Scripts
Get Grip Stiffness and Damping
Get Primary Grip Type
Grip Break Distance
Grip Late Update Setting
Grip Movement Replication Type
Is Held
On End Secondary Used
On End Used
On Input
On Secondary Used
On Used
Requests Socketing
Reset Initial Slider Location
Secondary Grip Type
Set Slider Progress
Set Spline Component to Follow
Simulate on Drop
Teleport Behavior