Example Template > Vive Pawn Character

Vive Pawn Character


Activate Beam
Activate Beam Multi Cast
Calc Pad Rotation and Magnitude
Calculate Relative Velocities
Call Correct Drop Single Event
Call Correct Grab Event
Call Teleport
Can Attempt Grab on Object
Can Attempt Secondary Grab on Object
Can Object be Climbed
Can Secondary Grip Object
Check Grip Priority
Check Is Valid for Gripping
Check Spawn Grasping Hands
Check Steam Controller Type
Check Use Held Items
Check Use Secondary Attachment
Check and Handle Climbing Movement
Check and Handle Grip Animations
Clear Climbing
Clear Movement Velocities
Cycle Movement Modes
Drop Item
Drop Items
Drop Secondary Attachment
Execute Teleportation
Get Bone Transform
Get Character Rotated Position
Get Correct Primary Slot Prefix
Get Correct Rotation
Get DPad Movement Facing
Get Nearest Overlap Of Hand
Get Nearest Overlapping Object
Get Relative Velocity for Locomotion
Get Smoothed Velocity Of Object
Get Throwing Velocity
Grip or Drop Object
Grip or Drop Object Clean
Handle Current Movement Input
Handle Run in Place
Handle Sliding Movement
Handle Turn Input
Has Valid Grip Collision
If Over Widget Use
Init Climbing
Init Teleport Controllers
Init Teleport Controllers Event
Is ALocal Grip
Load Controller Models
Map Thumb to World
Multicast Teleport Active
Notify Server Of Toss Request
Notify Teleport Active
On Destroy
On Player State Replicated
On Possessed
Perform Climbing Stepup
Remove Controller Scale
Remove Secondary Grip
Reposition Hand Elements
Request Teleport
Sample Grip Velocities
Select Object from Hit Array
Send Controller Profile to Server
Set Grip Components
Set Movement Hands
Set Teleporter Active
Set Vehicle Mode
Setup on Possession
Should Grip Component
Should Socket Grip
Switch Out Of Body Camera
Trigger Grip or Drop
Try Drop Single
Try Drop Single Client
Try Grab Client
Try Grab Server
Try Remove Secondary Attachment
Try to Grab Object
Try to Secondary Grip Object
Update Teleport Rotations
VRCapsule Height Check
Validate Gameplay Tag
Validate Gameplay Tag Container
Write to Log