The VR Expansion Plugin (VRE) was created to help facilitate advanced Virtual Reality interactions and gameplay elements in UE4/UE5. It is an MIT licensed and open source overhaul of many of the engines elements to better accommodate VR.

It has been a long ongoing personal project of mine to try and help as many developers as possible out in creating their dream XR application. The plugin is a series of modules and tools with a emphasis on multiplayer & networking, locomotion, gripping and solving hard problems in a flexible manner.

It is the intention that someone can pick it up and get started with advanced VR mechanics out of the box, or that an experienced knowledgeable team can rip out and scavenge useful features and references for their own projects. Though I would like to mention that it may be a more advanced plugin than a beginner to the engine would want to be handling.

There are no strings attached to the use of these modules/plugins outside of the credit requirements of the MIT license.

I hope you find something useful to you!

Joshua (MordenTral) Statzer