5.1 Patch Notes

1.1/24/23 - Compiled Changes

Melee Grip Script | bUsePrimaryHandSettingsWithOneHand: Added option to use primary hand settings for one handed grips in the Melee Grip Script instead of falling back to the objects grip settings.

GripMotionController | bIgnoreTrackingStatus: Added optional (default off) flag to ignore checking the tracking status of the connected controller when getting its transform. Some specific controllers (WMR) don’t properly pass through their tracking status in OpenXR and can freeze. In an ideal world this isn’t required but can patch up WMR issues until their stuff is fixed.

Grip Motion Controller Component | bDistanceBasedInterpolation: Added option to use distance based interpolation when lerping out of hybrid grips physical contact.

Fixed loading of the controller display model on steamvr through OpenXR and added a way to actually pull a reference to it in code now (the display component is private).

Fixed Re-create grip using the incorrect DestroyPhysicsHandle function and not properly propagating settings

Worked around an editor issue with the default grip script class on motion controllers.

Fixed server notification RPCs being sent for NoRep grip types.

New global default settings for chaos angular drive settings have been set, the engines defaults are not close enough to physx with how Chaos currently works (may be reverted in the future).

Hand Socket Component | bIgnoreAttachBone : Added optional flag to ignore the bone the hand socket is attached too when getting its transform. Useful if you want the hand socket to follow a skeletal mesh bone but don’t want to do per bone gripping.

GetGripSlotInRange now automatically prefixes the name of the bone (if there is one) to the HandSocketComponents name if it is attached to one. This way if users are using PerBonegripping they can do the same in their GetClosestSocketInRange call and prefix the bone name to search term to filter only to ones on that bone.

Fixed a missing bool that was causing VRDials to not throw their events when manually calling SetDialAngle.

Seated mod now has a cleaner method of rejecting and cleaning up after the in travel packets the client can send before its seated state is updated.

Fixed typo in the CollisionIgnoreSubsystem that was causing ignores to not correctly be applied in chaos.

Fixed rotation correction when CorrectToHmd is enabled on the character movement component.

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