This is a list of games currently using the plugin. It is just ones that I have confirmed use from and permission to post and doesn’t include commercial applications, so consider it a small subset of the total.

Released (Newest added to list first)

Ghosts Of Tabor – Early Access

VR Tribes – Alpha

Plush Madness

Alone In Outer Space

Into The Radius VR

All Hail The Cook A Tron

Swordsman VR

Drop In VR – Early Access


Bartender VR Simulator

Surv1v3 – Released

Dark Frontier – Early Access

Temple of Aluxes

Run Of Mydan – Early Access

Gladius – Early Access


The_Nest – Ctrl Alt Del Multiplayer patch uses the plugin

Island_359 – Used at least some code from it, unsure as to how much integration.

Virtual Escape: The Play Room – Used a very early version of the plugin – Recently updated to newest

Until None Remain

Unknightly – Early Access

Hailstorm VR – Early Access

Frol Blok


Nightstar Alliance – Released

Social Club VR: Casino Nights

Contagion VR Outbreak – Early Access

The Homestead Invasion – Early Access

Zero Caliber – Released

End Of Days – EarlyAccess

Out Of Ammo – Switched over to the plugins gripping system in a large overhaul post release

Eclipse Game VR – A warehouse scale multiple player VR experience.



The Utility Room

Arcane Ascent

District Steel

Honeypot Espionage

Viar Warefare

Timmy’s Playhouse

Pieces Of Eight

In League

Sleeping Dawn VR




Rise Of The Bots VR (UE4 GameJam 5 Day, example of using the plugin without the template on a deadline)