This is a list of games currently using the plugin. It is just ones that I have confirmed use from and permission to post and doesn’t include commercial applications, so consider it a small subset of the total.

Released (Newest added to list first)

Train Chase

Ghosts Of Tabor – Early Access

VR Tribes – Alpha

Plush Madness

Alone In Outer Space

Into The Radius VR

All Hail The Cook A Tron

Swordsman VR

Drop In VR – Early Access


Bartender VR Simulator

Surv1v3 – Released

Dark Frontier – Early Access

Temple of Aluxes

Run Of Mydan – Early Access

Gladius – Early Access


The_Nest – Ctrl Alt Del Multiplayer patch uses the plugin

Island_359 – Used at least some code from it, unsure as to how much integration.

Virtual Escape: The Play Room – Used a very early version of the plugin – Recently updated to newest

Until None Remain

Unknightly – Early Access

Hailstorm VR – Early Access

Frol Blok


Nightstar Alliance – Released

Social Club VR: Casino Nights

Contagion VR Outbreak – Early Access

The Homestead Invasion – Early Access

Zero Caliber – Released

End Of Days – EarlyAccess

Out Of Ammo – Switched over to the plugins gripping system in a large overhaul post release

Eclipse Game VR – A warehouse scale multiple player VR experience.

Sleeping Dawn VR




The Utility Room

Arcane Ascent

District Steel

Honeypot Espionage

Viar Warefare

Pieces Of Eight




Rise Of The Bots VR (UE4 GameJam 5 Day, example of using the plugin without the template on a deadline)