5.3 Patch Notes

1.5.3 Final


Final (assumed) changes for 5.3 prior to 5.4 releasing. There are a few big changes I want to make to the plugin (push networking / Iris support) that I felt was too large to add in midway into a version, these should be additions in 5.4 instead (also push is potentially workflow breaking so I am still considering the best way of handling integrating it).

5.4 will also come with the character mover 2.0 plugin, I wouldn’t expect that to be stable / a replacement for awhile as its still experimental. Whether it actually is useful and can replace the character class itself is also up in the air depending on the final form of it when complete. Regardless though the mover components and logic would be a huge boon outside of the character itself for other things (like craft and ships and ridables and creatures).

Some may notice not as many changes in 5.3 as I normally do. As soon as I heard about the mover 2.0 in 5.4 I wanted to lock down on mostly bug fixes in 5.3 and keep it as the most stable UE5 version to date to go alone with the most stable UE4 version of 4.27.

I have a laundry list of things I would like to tackle in the next version.

Plugin Changes:

Added LockInPlace mode for hand socket components, when enabled the hand socket comp will lock itself in place so it doesn’t follow the parents movements in the world. It should function exactly the same as before with the added benefit of not costing game thread time to move the scene component with the parents movements.

There are a couple of caveats
1. If you want to move the hand socket around during live play, you can’t have this enabled on it unless you are only working in relative space (or convert to world and back). Its essentially making the component absolute position and rotation, its world transform will be the same as the expected relative transform when in this state.

2. If you want to get the sockets world location you would need to get the relative transform and compose it with the parent.

This bLockInPlace mode is off by default for testing but may eventually be defaulted on as the cpu savings “can” be significant when a project is using large quantities of hand sockets. Performance testing with this was done with a mid power PC and 128+ sockets on the example gun and switching on the mode saved 0.2-0.4ms during gun updates. On mobile hardware that would be much higher due to the slower processor. Whether a project can even approach that many hand sockets moving around at one time to begin with is pretty unlikely, but conceivable.

Fixed roomscale zeroing not working correctly with non retained roomscale mode, this was due to a typo leaving a debug change in place.

Added GetPerAxisSliderProgress fror the slider component. This will return the current progress of the slider on all of the axis’s that it moves in instead of just a combined 0-1.0f total progress.

Collision ignore subsystem has removed the static object restriction (not allowing them to be one of the ignore pairs) as now in chaos it is functional.

The wall walking logic is fully multiplayer compatible now (it wasn’t on initial release).

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