4.26 Patch Notes

1.Hand socket changes - 08/05/2021

Added the OpenXRHandPoseComponent, acts like the older OpenInput version, however is no longer a skeletal mesh and is just a managing component now, you can still use a OpenXRAnimInstance to automatically apply the poses in the AnimBP if you want, or manually pull the poses out of the component and apply. The Apply OpenXR Hand Pose node handles the actual animation addition.

Added SetTrackingPaused and bPauseTracking (function / var) to the VRRootComponent, when paused the capsule will no longer follow the HMD and will stay in place.

Fixed attachment grips to correctly weld by default and connect to the pivots bone name if there is one.

Fixed Detach not correctly working in some cases on welded objects when gripping them.

Fixed GameViewportClients new gamepad passthrough to correctly not pass through motion controllers. It added a new array of input categories that it will check against when the gamepad pass through is enabled.

Added a safety check on drop if an object is killed out from under the drop function.

Fixed secondary grips using the raw controller low from the XR system, its not required anymore and avoided some offsets that
we want to keep.

Fixed grip scripts to correctly always call begin play.

Added a scaler variable to the VRGestureComponent that lets you scale the spline meshes.

Added LerpToHand to the global settings for the plugin, letting you declare it globally on grips instead of just a grip script. The motion controllers now have OnLerpToHandFinished events to let you know when it has completed for a grip (either lerp is finished or the distance was small enough that it just gripped right away).


Added bAlwaysInRange boolean to the HandSocketComponent to make it quicker and more visible to have a socket always selected when going for a grip.

Setup bFlipHand and bSkipRootBone variables to the GetAnimationSequenceAsPoseSnapShot and GetBlendedPoseSnapShot nodes.

If true we will skip the root bone (IE: Hand_r) and only apply the children poses (Full body for example)

If true we will mirror the pose, this is primarily to apply to a left hand from a right and will rename the bones by epics std ue4 skeleton hand names (currently does not work with custom skeletons).

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