Just wanted to give people a heads up, one of the major reasons why I wanted 4.23 to be mostly a stability version at the beginning of it is because I am moving to a new house over the next couple of months and the house is going to be a lot of repair work prior to moving in.
I am a construction CAD drafter so it doesn’t make much sense for me to not do most of the work myself and it will eat up a lot of my free time.
I will be pausing the patreon for at the very least this month (benefits are still active it just won’t charge anyone) and possibly the next as well depending on how much of my time is taken up in that month.
I will still be around and working on the plugin, fixing bugs, and answering questions, I just won’t have a high priority on new features during this time.
In other news, 4.23 is going to be a great engine release for VR in general, not just the plugin. I hope many of you migrate to it over 4.21 assuming it launches in a stable state. We see some relevant bug fixes, physics stability changes, and the burgeoning OpenXR plugin having massive work done to it.

Valve Index, Extending Your Fun

I got the Valve Index on Thursday, aside from some driver issues the main difficulty that I ran into is that their Display Port cord is near the upper limit of length to run at full 4k 60htz.

This likely is causing some of the sparkle and connection issues that people have been running into.

There are several active DP cables available for lengths from 50′-100′ and some fiber conversion cables as well (with more cost). I ended up trying out a DP repeater instead however and a 10′ DP 1.4 cable for the initial card to repeater connection and they work wonderfully.

Figured I would shout out the one I found and am currently using in case it helps anyone else out: 

The manufacturer claims a 500 picosecond latency.