4.27 Patch Notes

1.Chaos and hand fixes - 09/24/21


Fixed grip object by interface, it was using a fallback to grip the actor if a component is passed in that doesn’t have the interface but the actor does. However it was still gripping it as a component, now it grips it as an actor.

Made the built in interactibles obey the motion controllers OnGripOutOfRange event and throw it instead of auto dropping if it is bound too.

4.27-Chaos – Added chaos Stiffness and damping scalers to the plugin itself so the values can be played with instead of relying on the built in engine ones which are no-where near correct (VRExpansion Settings menu has them).

Clamped the hand socket visualizer to only use custom coordinate spaces when in the viewport currently being edited.

Added bDisabled bool to the hand socket component, when true it will be skipped with the default socket searching functions.

Fixed capsule overlaps still throwing every frame when multiple physics volumes surround the character, now double checks
on every movement for final overlaps, to try and keep perf still good it now skips earlier checks so its not done twice.

Corrected the SetGripStuffnessAndDamping function not locking the physics thread to input the changes.

Fixed sliders momentum on drop being broken with multiple active axis’scalers

Set grasping hand storage variables to replicate in the character, forgot to do this so that clients can easily access the hands

Grasping hands set to use absolute scale, should have always been so, must have been reverted.

Fixed the 4.27-Chaos branch car not colliding with the floor

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