5.2 Patch Notes

1.07/21/2023 - Change list

List of changes from release to 07/21/2023:


Finished the creation of the new character mode, toggled by turning bRetainRoomscale to off on the character. Everything that works with the normal mode of the character (should) work with this new setup and work better in general. One caveat to keep in mind is that when trying to use Walking Collision Override the floor must collide with the pawn as it literally replaces its collision settings based on if acceleration exists or not.

Added some custom scalers for angular stiffness and damping on the back end when not using the project settings global ChaosScalers. This is so the automatic angular settings that are used based off of the linear settings make more sense in chaos and work closer to Physx (chaos angular settings need to be around 30% of what they did in physx). If you use the manually set angular settings under advanced physics settings this scalers are not used.

Added SetPaused function to the Parent Relative Component to have it pause all tracking and optionally zero out rotation and location.

Cleaned up the OpenXRHandPoseComponent and its replication, multiple fixes and the addition of an optional alternative hand pose network smoothing.

Updated the Welded Body Driver to always run off of the shape name and not try and store body references. Chaos now lets me access this data when I could not before easily and chaos also was dropping shape references. This will make the welded body driver much more reliable in chaos in general.

Integrated and moved the grip system over to the new physics API in engine (where I could, it is very much not a completed API). This technically allows you to grip geo collections now, with the caveat being that geo collections don’t behave too well when constrained too still and you have to pass out the shape transform of them and not the component one when calculating the relative grip transform.

Fixed Hybrid With Sweep having some issues with its blocking checks.

Fixed fullscreen widget actor not having correct collision over the full screen in cases. Made it easier to use.

Replaced some ENetMode checks in motion controller component and replaced with my custom IsServer check. Net mode has some issues in 5.2 where its reporting the server as the client (or vice versa) during server travel.

Template Only:

Turned off the (by default on) custom chaos scalers in project settings in the template. All grippables have had their physics settings re-scaled to suite chaos native instead of still having their Physx values and relying on the custom scalers to get them close to what they were before.

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