4.24 Patch Notes Initial Patch Notes

Plugin changes:

Added beta contact modification branch to the plugin when using Physx, allows you to disable collision between pairs of body shapes rather than entire channels.

Will remain in a beta branch for a bit as I clean it up, it was added as it may see some use in the melee setup and is in general a very useful feature to have, has been on my back burner for months. Use cases include ignoring collision with single bones on a skeletal mesh, ignoring collision with a singular object in the world without ignoring everything else on that collision channel, ect.

Added GetPhysicsGrip function using a grip ID

Added static GetGripScriptByClass node that returns the first of a specific grip script type on the given UObject.

Added GetLocalPose, GetGlobalPose, GetCurrentLinearDistance functions to the VREPhysicsConstraintComponent

Melee grip script is roughly 40% done, I was a little blindsided by the 4.24 previews releasing so fast and had to hurry up and port to it and make a lot of changes to the open input module.

Fixed controller spinning issue with the new Valve input system, it no longer reports the same results from the pose query as the other controller types do. So I had to alter how I handle failure there, this has the fortunate side effect of increasing the reliability of the HasTracking node and Delegates on my GripMotionControllers.

Corrected an issue introduced in mid 4.23 when I overhauled movement handling when tracking is lost, was causing additional velocity in flight movement mode.

Changed DropAndSocket logic ordering so that the new parent will already be valid when the events are thrown OnGripRelease notifying of it.

Added bWasSocketed to the motion controllers OnGripReleased event.

Fixed a word case issue with linux.

Fixed a bug from an old interactible re-factor that threw off negative scale on interactibles, should smoothly be able to negatively scale a dial or lever now and have the interactible work as normal (flipping a door from right to left, ect).


Changed cabinet doors to be more fluid.

Removed the OnUse gameplay tags and have a direction action call for OnUse now in order to deal with methodology changes with the new input setup. Secondary OnUse will receive the same treatment eventually.

Removed all key rebindings from the controller profiles as they will no longer function at all with the new input setup (that part of the controller profiles will likely be removed soon).

Moved over entirely to the new input actions setup in engine that 4.24 represents.

OpenInputModule Changes:

Removed my custom steam vr controller override, the Valve Input plugin is now merged into the engine at base so I can use its skeletal mesh actions.

Removed Parent/Component space options on the skeletal actions, everything uses parent space by default now.

Added hand mirroring so that you can use a single hand mesh and just flip it in scaling for the other hand.

Added bSetWristTransformOnly to the animation node, will only move the wrist bone when true, useful for when blending between normal animations and full
skeletal transforms.

Massively cleaned up parent space calculations.

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