4.24 Patch Notes

1.2.GunTools change - Fixes 01/21/20

Adjusted pre physics grip scripts so that they correctly set the Com again after changing properties. This makes some upcoming and current grip scripts more fluid.


Made the guntools pivot offset also apply to the center of mass on grips that set it, and the relative position. This not only makes it react better when double gripping, but when using the new Physical Recoil setting, will correctly apply the recoil based on the offset.

Added the same orientation component setup that the melee script uses to re-align the constraint and the mesh. The pivot offset applying to the center of mass should have an orientation component to be set and used so that I have a valid orientation to work off of. The template gun for example can have the OrientationComponent set to the FireLoc and it will correctly identify the forward vector of the gun. Otherwise your pivot offset will be in component space and you may have a harder time aligning it (y+ weapons for example), it would still work, just be less intuitive.

Fixed it not passing through the weld flag in DropAndSocket and assuming to always weld.

Added a NotifyTeleport event to the character that can be bound to and used to handle things after a teleport happens.

Moved the OnGrip events in blueprint to post all of the setup, and then added a safety check to when we fire off a client auth event to not do it if the bp code dropped the grip. * Reverted this change, it was causing logic issues for some projects, instead I am now just verifying the loss of the grip after each OnGrip interface broadcast.*

This avoids crashes from players force dropping objects during their setup when OnGrip is called *Note that I would prefer that people still stop trying to do this*.

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