4.24 Patch Notes

1.3.Local grip changes + contact modification: 12/24/19

4.23 – 4.24

Added support for server sided gripping of local client auth grips, previously the owning client wouldn’t receive it. This will smooth out the logic when spawning objects to have the client grip before it even has the object replicated to them.

This required splitting the gripids for local grips in half to avoid posible collision. That cuts the maximum grips down to 60 local grips at once per controller (shouldn’t be an issue ;p).

4.24 Only

Fixed some issues with the controller detection node

Merged contact modification work, still needs some iteration, but want feedback.

Can use SetObjectsIgnoreCollision blueprint node to change collision on/off on objects. Currently you MUST clear it (call again with false) prior to destroying the objects to avoid performance degradation, I will be handling that differently soon. It allows you to set specific bodies / bones of the same / different meshes to no longer collide with each other. Its much more fine grained than collision channels, it also comes with some slight performance cost when objects are set to ignore (none when not). Use it sparsely, I will be iterating over it a lot in the coming days.

This addition WILL collide with the plugin in the marketplace that does the same thing, only one contact modification factory is allowed currently. I will provide a way of turning it off eventually as well as I don’t want to conflict if possible and also want to add an opt out.

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