4.24 Patch Notes

1.1.Pure node / Simulation changes 02/03/20

I moved the GetAllGrips, GetGrippedObjects, GetGrippedComponents, GetGrippedActors nodes from pure to callable. This prevents a lot of inadvertent misuse with BP for-loops (I am guilty of this as well) as they don’t cache the input array and re-query it on every loop. So anywhere that you use one of them, you will need to add an execution pin link.

Fixed mistake with my skip simulating code using the wrong comparisons causing auto drops to not be from the correct distance.

Also fixed auto drop using the old constraint frame and being wrong post flipping the frame order.

Added GrippableCharacter as a grippable class, is a default character with a grippable base class skeletal mesh instead of a normal one.

Added bSkipSettingSimulating setting to advanced physics grip settings.

Lets the end user say to never automatically set simulating state and lets them manage it themselves. Useful to avoid simulating the root component on a per bone skeletal mesh bone chain or for timed simulation logic. IE: a physically animated skeletal mesh where you want to interact with it without fully simulating the entire bone chain. It was too iffy for me to just automatically set all bones below to simulating as that could be not what the end user wants. This flag allows for total control for people that need it.

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