4.25 Patch Notes

1.3.06/03/2020 - Melee, Fixes

Made melee stabbing use the actual impact impulse as the qualifier for penetration. This will require more tweaking to make stable as it will also depend on the constraint strength with the hands, but it will allow for some more interesting interactions like things hitting the weapon themselves hard enough to stab, or pushing something with the other hand into it.

Its also cheaper as I no longer need to sample any velocities

Added self grip object example to the template, for people trying to run their own logic entirely but still use the networking portion of the plugin (i can’t possible add every single use case to the generic behavior). Also useful as an example of how to directly constrain to things like fully physical arms and hands where you don’t need or want all of the grip logic, so the example uses a VREPhysicsConstraintComponent and shows what to do to use the grip transform with it and handle distance dropping.

Added default skeletal mesh component back into plugin and set it to attach by default to the PRC.

You can ignore it and continue to use your custom one still for the character, however the proper method of using an alternate skeletal mesh base class would be to subclass VRCharacter and override the uobjectinitializer to spawn your custom class instead.

Also removed the GetIKMesh blueprint override, calling into the graph to check in most cases was too expensive.

Added root motion back in to the VRcharacter code.
The velocity application should work fine, including with a mesh that follows the PRC rotation.

Patched in a modification that adds selective velocity control when move actions are handled. Was made aware of the fact that those still using acceleration didn’t have an easy way of handling this. Adds a new enum to the built in move actions (that set rotation) with the following options:

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