4.25 Patch Notes Initial Patch Notes

Added a VREPhysicalAnimationComponent, currently it implements a welded bone driver to handle the alyx like hands.
It still functions as a normal physical animation component as well and it may be expanded on in the future to add new features
to that part of it.

Changed character teleport event to be post the new ScopeMovement in the characters PerformMovement

Fixed UpdateInCharacterMovement being default as true instead of false for grip controllers, this was preventing tracking pucks from using them correctly.

Added OnGripped and OnDropped events to all grippables as bindable events. As these have to be called from the base classes interface funtions you will have
to call the parent implementation of EventOnGrip and EventOnGripRelease when you use them in an objects event graph if you need these delegates to still
fire off.

Added in a remote grip setup to the laser beam, very early implementation, needs cleaned up a lot.

Added mass based throwing settings to the template character.

Added beta physical hands to the template character

Added a debug menu to the example level.

Fixed a bug with client auth grips and drop velocity.

Fixed slider components on splines not smoothly retaining momentum on release.

Revised some of the physics code to use an alternative validity check for FPhysicsActorHandle’s

Added an output to the melee script that will give the difference when the hand sliding is polled.

Added OnSecondaryGrip and OnSecondaryGripRemoved delegates to the motion controllers (for things attaching to something THAT controller holds)

Added a COM settings enum to the melee script and primary hand selection enum to the melee script.

Made melee script only stab check against a given list of material types if provided.

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