4.25 Patch Notes

1.4.05/19/2020 - Dials, Throwing

4.24 – 4.25+

Added optional dial angle snap list to the dial component.
When active (via bUseDialSnapList) it will overide the angle
and threshold settings and snap to the closest point on the list.

It will always take into account a 0.0f position as well.

Client auth throwing Poll replication cancels out if we are no
longer the local net owner to save some iteration.

Client auth grips had a bug with bReplicatesMovement that was corrected.
It could result in client auth grips losing movement replication after
switching which hands grip them (Thanks Uno for the report and reproduction)

Cleaned up some more client auth stuff while I was at it, including more robust
owner setting.


Made the template laser beam toss roughly replicated in the template.

Included motion controller header in grippables to prevent some
weird compiler issues in 4.25.

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