4.25 Patch Notes

1.5.05/15/2020 - Seats, Slots and more

Added slot name retention to the grip functions and data rep
by optionally allowing the end user to pass in a name for
the slot being used.

On the nodes that had a SnapToSocket name already it uses
this variable.

This changes the behavior with the auto snap to socket where
it will only snap to that socket if the passed in transform is empty.
Otherwise it will just store the socket name.

This also involved added that param to the GripObjectByInterface node.

Changed how I clear the replication buffer when SeatedMode ends on a character,
this should alleviate server corrections from miss timed packets.

Fixed the dial component which had gone wonky at some point.
Added a freely rotating option (bUseRollover) to the dial that lets it rotate
in abstract limits to +/- based on the limits that you set.

OnCharacterTeleported no longer triggers off of network corrections, now a new event
OnCharacterNetworkCorrected fires off instead.
(to prevent confusion and provide more user feedback).

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