4.25 Patch Notes

1.2.07/22/2020 - Render Manager / Fixes

Added a VRRenderManager class (still in beta) to help potentially manage replicated render targets and some common VR related operations with them.

Fixed the slider to use ABS’d values from its min/max settings so that it is easier to use and less confusing.

Added some safety checks to the Delta Teleportation mode to avoid issues with its new PostPhysics tick.

Changed around sections of the physics code to use more generic physics interface operations instead of some performance improvements that it was doing by directly calling into Physx, this is to prep for Chaos being mainlined.

Made EventsOnly grip mode not set IgnoreMovement on the parent.

Fixed DropAndSocket to always delayed tick correct the final relative transform if the object was simulating (instead of just if it was gripped with a simulating grip).

Worked around a PSVR specific issue with how it polls tracking state differently than other platforms.

Made all movement modes accept custom movement input instead of just climbing and low grav.

Fixed grip script setting variables not showing in default settings.


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