4.26 Patch Notes

7.4.26 1 Euro Algo Changes (12/27/2020)

There was a mistake in Epic implementation of the 1 Euro low pass filter that I was using a copy of to handle the laser beams and gun hand smoothing.

I have corrected that mistake in my version of it and adjusted defaults to account for it. The templates laser and gunstock settings had to be altered to use the new values, this is why this patch is 4.26 only so that it doesn’t mess up earlier engine version users projects.

Motion controllers now also have a naive smoothing and 1 Euro smoothing option to smooth out the tracking, you can enable them in the motion controllers settings.

The 1 Euro low pass class has been expanded to support Quat and Transform versions as well.

The guntools script since it had to have changes for this anyway got converted to the Transform iteration of the 1 Euro filter and now post processes this, meaning that while smoothing the stock hand in virtual stock mode the gun is rock solid.

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