4.26 Patch Notes

1.4.26 Migration Notes

To prep for a large plugin change in ue5, some of the changes have been ported to the 4.26 version of the plugin.

Several interface functions have been listed as deprecated in their “Object” versions, you should replace these with the interface versions of them instead (In right click BP search just select the version that says interface after it).

The interactibles have had the full changes ported to them to prep you for the larger change of doing it to all grippables in UE5. You will likely get some warnings on first launch requiring that you open some blueprints and right click on the events and “Refresh Node” to clear.

ClosestGripSlotInRange and RequestsSocketing overrides on the interactibles will need to be re-created as the old versions will have been changed to a function on the object instead from the links breaking (you can directly copy and paste the old functions implementation to the new override and delete the old function).

When UE5 comes around, these steps will need to be made universally to all grippable objects.


4.26 comes in with a very large re-write to how the characters replicate and how physics in general are handled in engine (Chaos is the default physics interface now). The physx vehicle override has to be deleted due to some of how this is handled (replaced with a chaos vehicle equivalent instead), if you intend to stick to physx and avoid chaos going forward you may want to copy the old class from an older release and use it at the project level.


Also chaos constraints do not support force based constraints, due to this the force modes for grips will be deprecated and removed eventually, they are still in for this release for people staying on physx for this patch only.

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