4.26 Patch Notes

3.Hand Socket Comps and many fixes - 04/27/2021


Added a new HandSocketComponent to the plugin, see:


Adding default socketing implementation to all interactible base types
(Lever, Slider, Dial). The new hand socket comp having an OnlySnapMesh mode makes this
more useful than before.

Fixed a stereo layer crash in the StereoWidgetComponent

Merged pull request for the stereo widget component to fallback to the users camera for placement
when a vr character is not currently being used.

Added a new component to the plugin VRStereoWidgetRenderComponent, will render a widget to
a stereo layer directly, without the interaction and world placement of the VRStereoWidgetComponent.

Fixed a missing variable passthrough in GrippableSkeletalMeshComponent that could cause grip slot hand queries to fail.

Changed up melee script to dynamically check always tick penetrating, check lodge is just a safety mechanism now around there not being any collidable components.
This lets you dynamically change the AlwaysTickPenetration setting.

Worked around an engine bug with simulating mirrored skeletal meshes, submitted the fix to epic and will leave the workaround intact
until it is implemented in engine.

Fixed VRSliders snap increments being offset from its event throwing.


Fixed melee base teleporting the weapons while penetrated.

Changed the grasping hands a bit to add the new HandSocketComponent queries in.
Still need to run a full BP cleanup of them.

Fixed client side collision on grasping hands due to the welded body driver failing to init

Converted grasping hands to be a mirrored left hand again after fixing an engine bug locally and working
around another engine bug. When both bugs are fixed in engine I can remove the workaround. Grasping hands should no
longer need a seperate left hand skeleton, I left the seperate hand in to avoid port issues for people, will remove in 4.27.

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