4.26 Patch Notes

9.Initial 4.26 patch notes

Plugin Patch Notes:

Changed the gripping interface to only create interfaced copies of the events and nodes (THIS WILL REQUIRE PORTING WORK, read the migration notes for 4.26
at www.vreue4.com)

Started work on the OpenXR Expansion Library as I intend to make it the default platform of the template as soon as stable.

Added a reference to the grippable skeletal mesh in the grippable characters to make it easier for people that have bp issues with component overiding.

Converted the character movement replication to use the new 4.26 pathway and optimized the replication more. Simple character still needs some tweaks.

Removed climbing rollback and made it a mostly client auth movement mode since the vector data is already essentially client auth.

Moved the melee scripts penetration surfaces to projectsettings/vrexpansionplugin in order to make a single point of editing.
You can still define and override array to replace the global one on a per script basis.

Also gave the melee script a seperate OnMeleeHit event that can be set to fire if a hit does not count as a penetration but meets additional
qualifications for a damaging hit. Surfaces now have damage type modifiers and penetration components now have a type enum to allow setting them to
only pen, only hit, or do both.

Fully converted to chaos physics and validated the plugin against it, then reverted the cars when epic took chaos out of the 4.26 by default again.
Plugin itself is still fully chaos ready when chaos itself is ready for use.

Many minor bug fixes and changes over the last couple of months of 4.25 leading into late 4.26 previews.


Removed procedural controllers and manual grip socket offsetting (when not using the controllers bOffsetWithControllerProfile) from the template.
It was confusing new users and neither option was used very often.

Made the base grasping hands the standard hands of the template.

Removed the steam chaperone component from the teleport controller to prep for the eventual total OpenXR overhaul.

Removed ticking by default on the melee base BP which was a mistaken commit from a debugging session.

Implemented the DenyFreeGripping gameplay tag, which was in the template but something that I actually forgot to add code for.

Cleaned up gameplay tags, there are no longer OnUse gameplay tags, all objects fire Use since its a bound action in inputs now and you choose
to implement the event or not per object. Also SideGrip and Trigger tags have been removed and replaced with PrimaryGrip and AlternateGrip to better
reflect the new input system.

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