4.26 Patch Notes

6.Misc Fixes and changes - 1/11/2021

4.24+ Changes

Added an OnTeleportedGrips event to the motion controller

Updated low gravity movement mode and swimming movement mode to the newer movement injection method that other movement modes have been using for awhile now.

Cleaned up the lever component so that it properly sets the back end values and throws events (if requested) when directly setting its value, also added the same to the initial begin play state.

Updated snap turn and set rotation and teleport MoveAction’s so that they use a more fail safe method of handling velocity correction (if requested), they also now directly use the replicated level of quantization on client side to incur less rollbacks.

Per a pull request stopped super:super chaining PostInitializeComponents on the character classes so that people re-subclassing them to another character will have it function correctly (avoiding the super version isn’t required anymore anyway, it was a legacy workaround).


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