4.26 Patch Notes

2.Misc Fixes and cleanup 06/28/2021


Added some new features to the HandSocketComponent and cleaned it up some. It should handle different mirroring axis’s and operations cleaner now.

New Variables:

When this is true it will treat the component as primarily left handed (will flip for right hand interactions) and will mirror the visualization mesh to show the left hand perspective. The hand relative placement will auto mirror itself when this value is changed using the current mirror axis settings.

When true the hand will be shown on the opposite mirrored side for checking placement.

Lets you define which axis the mesh should mirror on (if at all) when previewing mirrored hands or using the LeftHandDominant mode

The bFlipForLeftHand variable has had its meta tag changed to display as bFlipForOffHand in editor. This way it won’t wipe current settings but will more accurately reflect its correct usage.


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Bug Fixes:

Merged in a rotation order fix from CTPeePee that was causing incorrect rotation when using SetActorLocationAndRotationVR with base rotations that were not yaw only. It now correctly follows the order of operations that the SetActorRotationVR function already used.

Fixed grip scripts to always call BeginPlay now regardless of if they were initialized via late replication or direct loading.

Fixed widget stereo components from not correctly obeying the components IsVisible flag anymore.

Added optional UpdateInTick mode to the VRslider, can be activated to force the slider to track to the hand in tick instead of the GripUpdate function. This can be utilized along with setting its tick group to PostPhysics
to make it accurately and correctly track to simulating objects.


Grasping hands are now destroyed correctly on pawn death in the template, this not happening was an oversight.

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