4.26 Patch Notes

5.Pivot comp changes - 01/28/21

Pushed a new commit to the 4.26 repositories that adds to / alters the behavior of the pivot components of grip controllers. To prep for some additional features coming soon I had to make some alterations. The grip controllers have two new variables in them

#1: bSkipPivotTransformAdjustment, when true the controller will use its old logic of automating the pivot components transform offset from the controller when you call a grip operation. It is false by default and instead the ConvertToControllerRelativeTransform node provides a more accurate version of this now. Anyone using the normal setup of having the ConvertToControllerRelativeTransform function will notice no change in behavior, however it preps for non attached pivot components to be better supported. Anyone not using ConvertToControllerRelativeTransform prior to passing in a relative transform to the GripObject nodes, will either need to use it, or set that boolean if they want the pivot transform to be automatically calculated for them. Template users will notice no change here.

#2: CustomPivotComponentSocketName, a socket/bone name that you can set when you SetCustomPivotComponent that will be used on the given component. Lets you target specific bones on a body or a socket as the target pivot point.

The secondary attachment transform is now being calculated differently to handle cases where the pivot is not attached to the motion controller (as well as to actually use the pivot component). This change does require that you use the controllers GetPivotTransform function instead of GetWorldTransform when calculating secondary relative transforms. The template has been updated to show this (see attached picture for what changed)

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