4.27 Patch Notes

3.Initial 4.27 patch notes

Plugin Patch Notes (note: see last 4.26 patch notes for most of the changes for 4.27, they were back ported):

Added bConstrainToPivot to the plugin on the motion controller, when enabled it will constrain Physically Simulating grips to the actual Pivot of the motion controller (component or the controller itself). This is primarily useful for fully simulating arms/bodies.

Added new grip collision type of LockedConstraint, it will be a locked hard constraint between the motion controllers pivot component and the object. Primarily for full body / simulating arms, similar to the Attachment grip (with weld enabled) but physically constrained instead for situations where welding can cause issues.



Template is now OpenXR by default, controllers profiles have been wiped, other VR modules have been disabled and all hand offsets have been modified to correspond to the new OpenXR Palm centered tracking defaults. Grasping hands and the HandSocketBase have also been changed to follow this new tracking center.

OpenXR hand tracking finger motion has been optionally provided in the grasping hands as a boolean to enable.

Grasping hand no longer lerps back into place when physically simulating, now it is allowed to fall back with the constraint force instead (to avoid clipping situations).

Per user mention / request, changed the thumbstick in Sliding movement mode to reference its orientation in world space (making it more innate to orient the movement).

The example Physics tossing with the laser now uses a managing component in order to get the BP node bloat out of the teleport controller.

Deleted the seperated left hand content from the template.

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