5.0 Patch Notes

3.Initial, 5.0 Patch Notes

Plugin Patch Notes:

Due to chaos replacing physx a temporary scaler has been applied to all grip constraints (in VRE project settings). This scaler needs to be tuned more for its default settings. Once a clean value has been determined I will be adding a bool to project settings for “use physx conversion scaler” to help older projects along. The current chaos bugs and issues have prevented easily fine tuning this value at the moment.

The plugin repos have been converted to a standardized line endings and enforced in git settings, this will show all files as modified if you try and compare between older branches and 5.0.

Plugins converted over to using the new UE5 TObjectPtr instead of raw UObject pointers.

Added experimental FullScreenWidgetActor that allows you to add an interactible full screen menu widget / hud to the VR Preview. It will be receiving additional work and an example in the template going forward.

Fixed potential crash with SetSeatedMode if motion controllers have been removed from the character.

Added a new VRLocalPlayer class that can be subclassed and used in project settings to declare a new player controller be used for the base of transition player controllers (prior to the actual PC being assigned the engine gives the local player a temp one). Combining this with the new AVRBasePlayerController and the OnCameraManagerCreated event on it, you can override PC/Camera manager creation to manage fade ins and screen effects. There was no BP method of doing this prior in engine. The template has an example of this now.

Updated the inversed physics simulation fix to 5.0, engine still does not have a fix for it in engine yet.

Added tracked gesture size to the OnGestureDetected event (per request), this lets you sample the size of the drawn gesture to handle logic you find relevant to that (scaling of spawned objects / particles for example).

Hand mirroring improvements for the HandSocketComponent (still needs some iteration but works in most cases)

Revamp of the collision ignore subsystem to allow fully ignoring entire actors against each other as well as automatic cleanup on object death.


The template has been entirely re-organized (and in some cases re-named) to be more consistent and easier to browse and expand in the future. It also is all under a single folder for easier import to other projects.

The physx car in the example has been replaced with a chaos vehicle instead.

VRLocalPlayer and InitPlayerController examples added to the template as well as a re-structuring of how the character and player controller fade the screen during loading in in singleplayer and multiplayer. This removes flickering and weird screen positions when loading into maps.

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