5.0 Patch Notes

2.Migration Notes 5.0

In UE5 physx has been entirely removed, this is a huge change that touches many many sections of the plugin. Due to this a lot of what you are used too as far as physics interactions are going to be unstable for a while. Chaos itself is not in a finalized state at the moment and has multiple interaction effecting bugs in it on initial release.

I will be fine tuning the physics settings and providing tools to port to chaos over the initial period after release, but cannot promise 1:1 parity with original physx interactions until the engine receives multiple bug fixes.

Due to chaos replacing physx a temporary scaler has been applied to all grip constraints (in VRE project settings). This scaler needs to be tuned more for its default settings. Once a clean value has been determined I will be adding a bool to project settings for “use physx conversion scaler” to help older projects along. The current chaos bugs and issues have prevented easily fine tuning this value at the moment.

The example vehicle is also incompatible across versions without changes, the physx base vehicle class and the chaos one are two entirely seperate classes and cannot just be cleanly re-parented.

The plugin repos have been converted to a standardized line endings and enforced in git settings, this will show all files as modified if you try and compare between older branches and 5.0.

The template has been entirely re-organized (and in some cases re-named) so you may have more issues than normal trying to pull single blueprints out of it and importing them back into your project. 5.0 was deemed the best time to get this done.


Good luck in porting, I would actually suggest that the initial 5.0 release not be used for serious projects in the works and that such projects hold off on updating until a later UE5 version.

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