5.2 Patch Notes

4.Initial 5.1 Patch Notes

Plugin Changes:

Added new character option to the VRCharacter, bRetainRoomscale, which is a full re-implementation of how the core VR movement logic works. More detailed notes in the migration guide.

Corrected Dial angle snap point event values when set to have no limit (iShorty123 submission)

Added some additional checks to the ApplyOpenXRHandPose node

Added yet another safety to chaos collision ignore subsystem

Added a function GetOpenXRFingerCurlValuesForHand to retrieve the estimated finger curls from hand tracking

Added bAlwaysVisible to stereo widget components to force them to skip visibility checks

Added BP writability to bIsLerping in the grip information struct so users can flag it when doing custom lerping

Added some tighter lerping to hybrid grip lerping and gave it a timeout

Added GetLinearLimits and GetAngularLimits to VREPhysicsConstraintComponents

Fixed Move actions not correctly being handled with server corrections

Fixed HMD movements not correctly being handled with server corrections

Misc BP fixes

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