5.3 Patch Notes

4.5.3 Migration Guide

Android Settings for 5.3:

Android NDK r25b

Recommended: SDK 33
Minimum: 26

In 5.3 I have removed the SimpleVRCharacter and the bOffsetByHMD Options from all trackables. The new bRetainRoomscale:False option on the VRcharacter implements movement much like the old (defunct) SimpleVRcharacter did.

Also in 5.3 you will need VisualStudio 2022 to compile the engine.

Also in 5.3 the character has a new dynamic gravity option, keep in mind that this is not only super new in engine (not even in 5.3 patch notes) but also super new to my plugin. There WILL be issues with it, just report them and I will fix them and report ones that are engine sided to epic. I intend to clean up and simplify / fix the dynamic gravity and re-orientation as 5.3 progresses.

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