5.3 Patch Notes Update

UE5 has a new physics replication mode in experimental, this is intended to allow for following the servers replication but still having local manipulation. However, not only is this more expensive to have during a grip (its still getting physics replication packets during it if used properly) but from testing I haven’t seen 1:1 position syncing post release.

It also breaks the client authoritative throwing when enabled, I would leave this option off for now (at least until it is out of experimental and I can take a more in depth look at it).

Plugin Changes 5.3.1:

Fixed a crash when snap turning while seated if you were in singleplayer.

Fixed the floor finding function in the character movement component to correctly work with dynamic gravity.

Added a new bool to the VRCharacterMovementComponent: bAutoOrientToFloorNormal
When true the character will automatically follow the normal of the section of its movement base that it is standing on and align itself to follow it. This bool can be toggled live (generally best done from a trigger volume or something else that the server can sync on). It uses a speed value FloorOrientationChangeBlendRate if you have bBlendGravityFloorChanges set to true that will rotate you at the defined rate towards the current gravity normal (to avoid view hitches).

Custom gravity is not currently fully multiplayer compatible as Epic hasn’t started passing the current custom gravity into the character correction functions, meaning that characters will always correct to vertical gravity. I may fix this at some point in 5.3, though i’m sure epic will in 5.4.

Added the skeletal mesh welding pull requests to fix skeletal mesh welding to the plugins grippable skeletal mesh actor and component classes. This is temp until Epic ports the fixes to the engine itself.

Added dynamic remapping of the skeleton to the ApplyOpenXRHandPose animation node. If the skeleton that is targeted is not the same as in the previous sample it will delete and setup the bone references and alignment again (this lets you use a single animation graph and use a variable to define the skeleton the node targets).

Added snap turning while seated, snap turn now works at any character rotation.

Example Changes 5.3.1:

Added an example of secondary gripping off of gripping the slider on the gun base to the nodes in the gun base (not connected by default). Also uploaded the snippet of this to vreue5.com.

Added a wall walking section to the level along with a trigger volume to switch the character to wall walking mode.

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