5.3 Patch Notes

3.Initial 5.3 Patch Notes

Plugin Changes:

SimpleVRCharacter Removed, bRetainRoomscale:False replaces it.

Added new move action: PerformMoveAction_SetGravityDirection which will set the new gravity of the character and replicate it to the server so that there is no d’sync issues. This required rewriting some of the packet structure for the character so operations will be two bytes more expensive on average when sending capsule height and replays will break. SetGravityDirection optionally allows you to re-orient the character so that the bottom of the capsule is facing the new gravity direction, this option is experimental and needs a lot of testing. Some of epics movement code is a little broken with too extreme of gravity off angles and I intend to iterate during 5.3 on fixing some of these cases.

HMD Movement processing is no longer XY aligned and now aligns entirely with the capsules full rotation, meaning it will work correctly at all rotations instead of just Yaw modified.

Added SweepGripTeleports to the Grip Controllers options, will sweep held objects when they are teleporting and stop them from going through geometry to get to the new location (potentially causing an out of range drop event to fire).

Fixed the wrong order of operations in AddActorWorldRotationVR, should function correctly now.

Example Changes:

Movement has been changed to work off of stick being moved at all instead of off of the capacitive touch.

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