5.4 Patch Notes

2.5.4 Migration Guide

*Edit 2* There is a shader bug in 5.4 that it released with (wasn’t in the preview) that causes a lot of shadowing issues with instanced stereo turned on. As this is problematic for VR and Epic seems to have implied that they won’t fix shader files in hotfixes I have added a button to the VRExpansionSettings in project settings to change the offending line and re-compile the shader.

It will print out to the log if it succeeded or not.



*Edit* I have set bRetainRoomscale to false by default now in 5.4, when migrating an older project you will likely want to set it to true in the character again and test your project with it false before leaving it off.

In 5.4 Epic has changed the tracking modes for VR to comply with the OpenXR tracking worlds. When converting projects to it you will want to replace the SetTrackingOrigin(Floor) calls (c++ and BP) to be SetTrackingOrigin(Stage).

Set Tracking Origin Node

To accommodate future engine networking changes every plugin class in 5.4 that has replicated properties has been changed around to support Push Model networking so that Iris can be supported. That means that some specific things (notably the VRGripInterfaceSettings struct in grippables) has been placed into protected context and given accessor / setter functions so that they will always be correctly dirtied and updated on the network. This WILL require some c++ changes to codebases to convert to 5.4 most likely. Blueprints won’t have this issue as they automatically dirty replicated push properties.

Anyone switching over to push networking will want to verify any sections in code where they manually set values that are replicated in the plugin.

You may notice that there are Mover 2.0 subclasses in the 5.4 branch. Do not attempt to use these yet, they are placeholders for further research into how best to merge the VR movement into the new movement system. Mover 2.0 is experimental and fairly unstable in 5.4 and shouldn’t be used for production anyway.



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