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5.2.Grippable Object Classes

For convenience sake the plugin has several pre-made base classes for useful actors and components with the VRGripInterface already implemented and ran off of a structure containing controlling properties.

While not strictly necessary for working with the plugin, these will greatly reduce how much work the user will have to do when implementing new objects if the character is set up correctly. Rather than running grip logic manually or implementing the VRGripInterface manually you can use these and just set variables that control how it behaves.

The VRExpansionExampleTemplate has an example setup implemented in the character of gripping interfaced actors and components automatically based on their interface settings. This makes creating a new grippable object as simple as placing it and setting the variables that state how its grip behaves. The template also has fallback logic specifically for non interfaced simulating components allowing for basic grip and drop actions.

Below is the list of pre-made grippable base classes.

  • GrippableActor
  • GrippableBoxComponent
  • GrippableCapsuleComponent
  • GrippableSkeletalMeshActor
  • GrippableSkeletalMeshComponent
  • GrippableSphereComponent
  • GrippableStaticMeshActor
  • GrippableStaticMeshComponent

Interactibles are pre-built logic driven components for varying uses (buttons, dials, levers, sliders, ect). They have documentation and videos under the video tutorial section:

Tutorial Videos

Note As of the 4.16 version of the plugin these objects also implement the GameplayTags system in the engine, providing a clean and efficient method of adding additional identifiers and logic flags to them (The template uses gameplay tags now to define on what button an object wants to be dropped with for example).

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