VR Expansion Plugin Documentation

8.Misc Classes


This overridden viewport client class was created to allow for local mixed gameplay between a mouse and keyboard player and a VR player. It is blueprintable so that you can set the UProperty on it that defines how input should be assigned between local players.

Outside of mixed gameplay it currently has no other use and is not required.

It has a single property that defines how it functions

EVRGameInputMethod GameInputMethod

Possible Values:

  1. GameInput_Default – Default input method, mouse and keyboard go to player controller 0

  2. GameInput_SharedKeyboardAndMouse – All mouse and keyboard events go to all controllers

  3. GameInput_KeyboardAndMouseToPlayer2 – Mouse and keyboard events are sent only to the second player


This component captures and renders to texture the Output log and Console. It can be used for creating debug interfaces that are accessible from VR. An example of its use is in the ExampleTemplate.


This is a simple override of a WheeledVehiclePawn that adds the ability to bind any pawn (even non controlling) to inputs as well as fake a pawn possession allowing a player to control both it, and their normal player pawn at the same time with client side authority.

It is used in the example template for the car.


This has the same overrides as VRWheeledVehicle but in the base class so that it can be extended for non wheeled vehicles.

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