VR Expansion Plugin Documentation

4.2.VR Base Movement Component

VR Base Character Movement Component

VR Base Character Movement Component is an overridden Character Movement Component. It serves as a common base for the VRCharacterMovementComponent and VRSimpleCharacterMovementComponent to reduce code duplication.

The VRBaseCharacterMovementComponent now contains a MoveAction system for declaring custom movements in-line with the FSavedMovement system of movement authentication / rollback for characters. When used correctly these move actions allow you to perform custom events that don’t get rolled back due to out of sync issues with the server. Currently this system is limited to 1 MoveAction per frame, eventually I may roll out array’d actions but there shouldn’t be much need for it.


Add Custom Replicated Movement Used mainly for the climbing movement mode, this passes in a custom vector of movement for this frame to perform.

Perform Move Action Custom Allows the user to perform “Custom” move actions that are replicated with the movement system.

Perform Move Action Snap Turn Performs a SnapTurn action

Perform Move Action Stop All Movement Stops all active movement in-line with the replicated movement system

Perform Move Action Teleport Performs a teleport in-line with the replicated movement system.

Set Climbing Mode Sets climbing mode to true/false (starts MovementMode::Custom_Climbing)

Set Replicated Movement Mode Sets the movement mode in a manner that is replicated back to the server in-line with the movement system and won’t cause rollback / out of sync issues

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