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4.4.VR Character Movement Component

VR Character Movement Component

09/13/16 Updated to support client side navigation in a networked environment

VR Character Movement Component is an overridden Character Movement Component that is heavily modified to work with a VRCharacter. It will NOT work correctly with any other character class.

Why Use It

You have to use it with a VRCharacter, it is a default created object (though you can turn it off). It manages the movement and collision.


  • The standard movement tick order is overridden in this actor to get things smoother.

  • Physics objects are auto set to not be steppable in this, physics interactions with pawns has many cases where it can / will throw the pawn around and cause instant issues with the player. If you don’t need the body of the player to interact with physics objects I would highly suggest turning the physics collision channel to overlap or ignore in the root component of the character. That will also prevent the character capsule from pushing away physics objects that the player is trying to pick up.

  • The BaseVRCharacterMovementComponent has a lot of shared properties and functions listed in it

How do I use it?

  • Create a VRCharacterActor as your pawn and add movement and interaction logic as you would a normal game character, this component comes attached to a VRCharacter.


bool bAllowMovementMerging – Allows merging movement replication if moves are similar to each other. Defaults to off due to potential problems in high player count servers. Can be turned on in small player enviroments to save bandwidth.

float WallRepulsionMultiplier – This is a scaler to reduce the strength of real world movement when impacting a wall. You want it just strong enough to repulse the wall from you without sliding across it. The reason it is a variable at all is because different base movement speed may require a different scaler. The default setting is for a standard character, if you reduce the speed of the standard character you may want to raise this value higher.

bool IgnoreSimulatingComponentsInFloorCheck – Default: True | Turns on / off ignoring physics simulating components for floor checks.

float VR Wall Sliding Scaler – Default: 1.0f | Scales down how much “slide” happens when running into a wall. 0.5f would be half as much slide. Sliding when running into walls can be offputting. Does not effect non walking movement modes.

float VRClimbing Step Height – Height where the climbing movement mode will consider a step up.

bool VRClimbing Set Fall on Step up – If true, automatically ends climbing mode when a step up is triggered.

float VRClimbing Max Release Velocity – Maximum velocity allowed on release of climbing.


Perform_Move_Action #TODO

Networked / Multiplayer Setup

You shouldn’t have to do anything differently for networked games. Uses all of the default CharacterMovementComponents replication systems.

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