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5.3.VR Grip Interface

How do I use it?

  • Spawn a Grippable Type object.


  • Make a base object class that has this interface added to it.
  • Implement each function in the master base object
  • Override the functions in different objects as needed to change how they interface with the plugin.

Interface functions / Events (Auto Generated)

Full Interface Function / Event List


!NOTE! These events are called on everyone, when clients are notified about the grip they will also trigger the appropriate events.

OnGrip – Automatically called when gripped

OnGripReleased – Automatically called when grip is released

OnChildGrip – Automatically called when a child (non root) component of this actor is gripped

OnChildReleaseGrip – Automatically called when a child (non root) component of this actor is dropped

OnSecondaryGrip – Automatically called when secondary gripped

OnSecondaryGripReleased – Automatically called when secondary grip is released

OnUsed – Not called automatically, should be called on actors when game logic determines “used”


GetGripType – Return the type of grip to use for slot or free gripping

GetSecondaryGripType – Return the type of secondary grip this object supports.

DenyGripping – Plugin will return false when attempting to grip this actor / component if this returns true

ClosestGripSlotInRange – Return the closest slot that is compatible with a primary or secondary grip, unless given an override prefix it will search for the prefix socket names of VRGripP for primary grips, and VRGripS for secondary grips.

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