5.And More

The plugin offers many other misc features, many of which aren’t even listed here.

1. VRExpansionFunctionLibrary – Many many useful functions for VR, too many to list here

2. OpenVRExpansionFunctionLibrary – Many OpenVR Specific features and tools, from skybox overrides to controller and texture loading and HMD camera access in Blueprints.

3. OpenVRInput module – For skeletal actions with Knuckles and all other SteamVR controllers, and hand pose gestures / hand and full body IK finger mapping.

4. Stereo widget support for UMG menus in stereo layers

5. VR Log component for rendering Outputlog and console to textures for use in VR.

6. Gesture system for recording, saving, detecting and drawing / rendering spacial gestures.

7. Mixed gameplay control class allowing to pass keyboard / mouse input to the second player automatically, making it easier to have a VR and Seated player at the same time.

8. UE4 Vehicle overrides to support full control and input mapping.

9. Welded body driver for more advanced physical bodies / hands on top of the engines built in physical animation component.

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