3.Overhauled UE4 Character Classes

The plugin offers two Different base Character classes, VRCharacter for full bore total VR re-write of a character, and SimpleVRCharacter for a simple overhaul with less engine modifications.

1. Climbing/Custom movement mode fully replicated with normal movement in engine, could be used for more than climbing (zip lines, directed movement, anything you can think of).

2. Seated movement mode, allowing for vehicle seating / chairs / attachment inline with movement modes.

3. Full world collision by default, follows collision channels in engine like normal, in the VRCharacter there is also the bWalkingCollisionOverride that is settable in order to allow free walking through objects but collision during artificial locomotion.

4. AI Controller that can be applied to AI to correctly target VR characters.

5. Waist / Body approximation component so you can easily create inventories and bodies.

6. Vive tracker support for waist / objects with late updates.

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