4.22 Patch Notes

1.13.Initial Commit - 04/02/19

Added the GrippablePhysicsReplication class that overrides the default PhysicsReplication class in engine to allow for server side smoothing. If “bUseClientAuthThrowing” is enabled (On a grippable actor, not available for grippable components) and the grippable is set to a Client auth movement mode. The object will sends its state to the server at “UpdateRate” speed and the server will smoothed the replicated physics state and replicate back down to the other clients. After the thrown object hits a sleep state or hasn’t changed status for a time-out period or is picked up it will end the replication.

This is a very alpha feature and will need improvements likely over time.

Moved to using epics new local auth check that came in with 4.22, HasLocalOwner is a new component function and walks up the ownership chain for authority.

Added initial replication state to the button component.
Fixed initial replication somewhat with the VRSlider.

Made all interactibles and grippable components turn off movement replication when gripped. This makes it significantly safer to keep them replicating movement.

Fixed some initialization issues with the lever on initial replication of the
initial transform (specifically not re-calculating the angle correctly).

Removed the bReplicatesMovement requirement on InitialRelativeTransform for all interactibles. Having that was pretty counterproductive. Just turning off replication for the component is better if this is needed to be disabled.

Added EndPlay to grip scripts to allow people to manage timers and cleanup better.

Move Grip Script Beginplay to a seperate function being called so that I can run custom logic in the future (like tick event registration) without the user being able to override the parent and delete it.

Removed Grip Script BeginPlay being blueprint callable, that was never intended.

Large header function body refactor, was about time that I committed to doing this, removing function bodies out of headers and moving them into the .cpp.

Switched unique render commands with new format in 4.22

Fixed a display issue with instanced objects in 4.22 and their property

Added a colorspace check to the openVR library texture creations

Improved oldmove sends missing some special movement flags with CMC’s.

Ported epics 4.22 late update race condition fixes, its also generally cleaner overall now.


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