4.22 Patch Notes

1.9.Flight Stick Mode for VRLever - 4/22/19

Added a FlightStick_XY mode to the VRLever component.

It will follow the orientation of the hand in YAW as well as the angle in Pitch/Roll.

Added the rotator property: AllCurrentLeverAngles

CurrentLeverAngle stands for the primary angle of the lever

CurrentLeverForwardVector is the directional vector that the lever is pointing in.

AllCurrentLeverAngles is a rotator with all values set, this is most useful in XY and flightstick mode as both Roll and Pitch will have separate angular values in it. Also with the flightstick mode Yaw will also be filled in.

Cleaned up a lot of the lever calcs.

Switched to a quaternion lerp for XY modes post grip (more direct).

Removed YZ lever mode, it was never used and was a tacked on pull request that was replaced with the VRMountComponent from the same author.

*Notes for 04/23/19 (bug fixes to prior patch)*

Lots of minor issue fixing for the FlightStick It appears to be complete now.

Now Rounding the AllCurrentAngles variable as it wasn’t much use with high precision.

Full lerp out of gripping and no snap of yaw on release due to a re-imagining of how I am calculating the angles.

When the flight stick is locked at maximum angle I am now re-projecting the interactors location back in order to keep a sane yaw rotation around the base.

Cleaned up more calculations.

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