4.22 Patch Notes

1.1.FlightStick Blending - 07/24/19

Added bBlendAxisValuesByAngleThreshold and AngleThreshold variables to Lever Component for FlightStick mode

If bBlendAxisValuesByAngleThreshold is true then we will blend the values of the XY axis’ by the AngleThreshold, lowering Pitch/Yaw influence based on how far from leaning into the axis that the lever is.

For example, if you are pressed all the way down into pitch to 90 degrees and start rotating towards the Roll direction then it will blend out of 90 pitch to 0 by the time it hits facing directly the Roll direction.

The extent and speed of the blend is controlled by the AngleThreshold variable.

A threshold of 45 will make it blend to 0 by halfway facing away, a value of 180 will make it retain half influence even fully facing away. The default is 90 which is a smooth blend to 0.

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