4.22 Patch Notes

1.8.Is Held Refactor - 04/22/2019

Re-worked the IsHeld and SetHeld functions to be managed with a new struct type FBPGripPair, it stores both the gripping controller AND the GripID of the grip.
This is going to be far more stable in the future as we can now run logic off of IsHeld that is based off of the exact specific GripID (same hand multiple grips or packet ordering could cause problems before).
Interactibles that are being dropped now reference the exact GripID (even though they don’t allow multiple grips this is still safer and faster).
Sadly this also will require some BP refactoring to use the new setup. I figured that as long as people were already refactoring for the array usage that now would be the time to do this as well.
The template blueprints that reference IsHeld and/or manually implement the interface have been updated for the new setup and to use the new variable type and GripID based grip queries.
You can break the new variable type up to pass its elements into functions, but it also has auto convert pins and you can just drag it to a grip ID pin or a controller pin and it will connect
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