4.22 Patch Notes

1.10.Multi Grip Changes - 04/18/19

​​​​​​​I usually try and keep this kind of update to between engine versions, but it is early on in 4.22 and I really wanted to work with this over the course of this engine version.

Grippables and the VRGripInterface will start storing multiple controllers for grips, generally most objects won’t be using more than one at a time,
this is pretty much specifically just for physics grips at this point

However, eventually it may be used to tag “primary” hands and “Secondary” hands and manage grips a little better.

For example, adding another grip at the front of a gun and pausing it, when
the primary grip is released you just unpause the secondary one to have it take over movement.

I’ll have to really go in and make sure that things like turning off gravity during a grip and other such things don’t have issues with multiple concurrent grips eventually

The main difference in peoples implementations would most just be changing to using the new format for querying IsHeld. Nothing else should be required unless making use of the new functionality.

I was always “posslble” to multiple grip objects, but the IsHeld node would only return the last one to grip and it was harder to manage those special tags

I won’t be implementing anything with this for awhile yet, I just wanted to get the back bone in for future stuff and get it out of the way, it opens up a lot of potential future improvements.

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