4.22 Patch Notes

1.4.Physics Cleanup - 06/13/19

This patch is prepping for some more physics changes and improvements soon.

Added the physics changes from the physics branch in.

Making the OnMassUpdated always register with physics constraints instead of just SetAtCOM ones.

Now when mass is updated we fully re-set the actor bodies in the constraint to the rbodyinstance as it can be changed with things like replacing the static mesh or slicing a procedural mesh.

Added UpdatePhysicsHandle function, will reset the COM and actors on optional behavior and will fully reset the constraint values on default behavior (bFullyRecreate var).

Now fully recreating the physics constraint in cases where relative transform changed or stiffness / damping changed.

Removed almost all of the grip replication cache, NEEDS EXTENSIVE TESTING FOR ISSUES…this originally didn’t work becuase the engine was
returning bad old values, it appears to be working now though.

Also exposed damping and stiffness to the struct break on grip info for BP.

Disabled AdvancedSteamSessions plugin from the template, can be added back in if anyone ever wants its features, this allows the base template to compile to quest with only the normal android changes.

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