4.23 Patch Notes

1.2.Bug fixes and QOL additions - 10/12/19

10/14/19 – Fixed a crashed caused by this patch in 4.23

Added new method of dealing with tracking loss without any specific handling. Using a threshold rollback and a more distinct velocity rewind, should prevent high velocity values being injected when tracking has lapsed and regains with the HMD in a very new position. (Ported all the way back to 4.20)

TrackingLossThreshold can be adjusted on the movement component to adjust the threshold, should only need adjustment if somehow a player is moving so fast during gameplay that they are hitting it (will appear to be view stuttering / freezing as the pawn will rewind their position).

fixed physics volume detection on root comp – helps with swimming with hmd far offset. Was bugged before and the farther the HMD was from the center of the tracked space, the less likely that it would correctly detect a physics volume. (Ported all the way back to 4.20)

Added grip controlling controller to the OnSecondary Grip/Release events for ease of use.

Removed the grip scaling maximum and minumum limits from the std grip pathway. Moved grip scaling limits to the new ExtendedDefault grip script.

Added GetGripPtrByID function, which will return a direct pointer to a grip for editing in c++.

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