4.23 Patch Notes

1.1.Misc + Template Fix - 10/16/19

Pushed a new patch to fix a crash that was occurring when gripping a non interfaced object post the last 4.23 physics patch.

Changed it so that the HMDs velocity is only subtracted after the move if it remains in the velocity along its projected normal post movement. This solves an issue where it sometimes injected extra velocity post movement when the HMD movement had bee nulled (really only an issue with really small global time scales around 0.01 and below).

Somewhere along the way some physics settings defaults changed or a test got committed or something that locked in the ini to physics scene values that started to cause problems in 4.21. I wasn’t able to track it down until i got a clean reproduction and went to put it on a separate project and noticed that it wasn’t doing it there. Everyone that based their project off of the template might want to look to make sure these are set correctly now.

Image shows what was fixed, red being the old values, green being the correct ones. They can be adjusted in DefaultEngine.ini or in editor in projectsettings/physics.

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